Once a player has registered an account you can then add them to your club account by searching for the in our system.

We have the vast majority of GAA clubs entered into our system so when you go to register you can search for your club/team name in the 'Team ID' field and that will be your club/team entered. Once that club/team name is taken it can't be used again. If you can't find your club in the list please contact us.

We prefer that a player creates their own account but if a club/team is able to register their player accounts and pass on this account info to each player that is fine.

Yes a player can be removed at any time.

We would encourage you to use a GAA image your profile picture. Preferably your club crest but it could also be picture of club grounds / teams / players.

The required fields are Team Address, Chairman Name, Chairman Email, Secretary Name, Secretary Email, PRO Name, PRO Email, team Colours. If one of these club officers do not have an email feel free to use the club secretary email in this field as a point of contact for that officer If Optional fields are Facebook, Twitter and Website.

We expect the 'Home' team in any match to be the first to create it. If a game is taking place at a neutral venue we expect the team that comes first alphabetically to create the game.

When you login into your account and go to 'Upcoming games' that particular game will be listed provided the other club/team has created it.

Whenever you wish! There is no limit to how early you create a new match list! In fact the earlier the better as getting it created early can give our supporters plenty of chance to discuss the players and create early match debate!

The venue field is automatically linked to Google Maps but should a club ground not appear when you search you can manually type the ground / venue in yourself e.g. Brewster Park or Tempo, Co. Fermanagh.

This is fine. Just enter the amount of players you have and the app will accept that! You don't have to enter 30 players.

We cannot stress it highly enough, Name The Players is not about finding out the positions or possible tactics of teams. Name The Players simply want teams / clubs to put numbers to the names of their players so that supporters can identify these players on the field of play. This will in turn give our GAA players the sporting identity they deserve! At the end of the day every team knows the players within your squad so no matter what number they are wearing let the supporters know who they are by uploading their number to Name The Players!

No you do not have to fill in all fields. Your Name in Irish & English, your county and your club MUST be filled in. The other fields are optional but we think it would be good for you to fill them all in as it raises your profile and provides some good GAA information about yourself!

Yes you can. You don't have to have a Facebook/Twitter account but it can raise your profile if you can provide these on your profile.

Yes it is possible to change your password. You must firstly be logged into the app. Then you click the Menu button in the top corner / Help / Change password.

No at the moment the app doesn't automatically update this although it is something that may happen in the future. For now once you are voted Player of The Match you should update your profile yourself.

You can update your profile picture as often as you wish.

We would encourage you to use a GAA image of your as your profile picture. This could be an action clip of yourself or simply you wearing your GAA gear.

All our registered players will feature on the home page of both the app and our website ( on a random basis.

Yes. We encourage you to be added to your club first. But should you play for more than one team e.g. School / Club / College / County you can also be added to that team account by those account administrators.

Player of The Match (POTM) voting will open 20 minutes after the start time of the match. It will close 3 hours after match start time.

This is no problem! The clubs/team will make a big effort to ensure team lists are sent to the app at the latest one hour before match start time. That gives you enough time to download the match team list before you reach the match venue. The app can then still opened with the already loaded information even with no mobile reception / 3G coverage at the ground. You will however not be able to vote for your Player of The Match if there is not reception but as the voting will not close until 5 hours after match start time you should have time to get your vote in when you arrive home!

No. You will be able to vote for a Player of The Match in a maximum two games each day which covers scenarios like double header games.

No there will be only one overall Player of the Match in a game.

The app it totally FREE for all clubs, teams & players!

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